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The Best Writing Apps for iphone Every Writer Needs to Use in 2024

The Best Writing Apps for iphone Every Writer Needs to Use in 2024. All things considered, Atticus is the best writing tool available to authors. However, Atticus is currently working on making this content mobile-friendly, so stay tuned. It’s about the finest writing applications for smartphones. Therefore, even though I would usually suggest Atticus, I’ll be discussing Scrivener’s mobile app today along with a couple other writing tools that I grouped according to their main function.

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The Best Writing Apps for iphone Every Writer Needs to Use in 2024

The world of today moves quickly. I’m constantly on the run, which makes mobile technology even more important. From fast food to fast transportation. You must have access to the greatest writing applications.

The stereotypical i’mage of a writer is one of someone wearing spectacles, bent over a keyboard, frantically pounding keys and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Granted, most authors are heavy coffee drinkers, but the writing industry is evolving.

Mobile devices are used by many writers to organize their writing assignments.

Now, let’s discuss the top writing applications available for those mobile gadgets.

What tools do writers in the industry use? To compose their novels, professional authors employ a range of applications. Bestselling authors utilize an array of fantastic programs, like Scrivener, Microsoft Word, Final Draft, Google Docs, and Plottr, to facilitate their writing process.

These are the top writing applications I think are available for iOS and Android. (Almost all of them are also compatible with desktop computers; I removed the programs that are exclusive to desktop use.)

Why Am I Appropriate to Discuss App Writing?

To be honest, a lot of people produce these kinds of things by just reading what other people have written and copying it without having any personal experience with the technologies in issue (or even worse, hiring AI to do it for them). Here, that isn’t the case.

Having published novels for more than 13 years, I’ve seen a lot of writing tools come and go. While some have lived up to the expectations, others have been revolutionary game-changers.

But picking the most well-liked writing software isn’t the only thing to consider while selecting one. Every writer has different needs and tastes. What is really effective for me may not be for you. For instance, although Grammarly is incredibly well-liked, I do not suggest using it for extensive editing.

Thus, to produce an excellent summary of the greatest writing applications (for mobile devices, don’t forget), I conducted reader polls and spoke with some of the industry’s most influential writers, many of whom I have also served as consultants for.

I firmly believe that I can successfully approach this issue in light of my observations, the survey findings, and my conversations with some of the most well-known authors.

With that said, let’s get started with a list of the top writing-related smartphone applications for authors, in my opinion.

Scrivener is the Best Writing App for Novelists

For present, Scrivener is the greatest mobile writing program for authors (refer to Atticus once more). It is the most well-organized software available. It has fantastic pre-made templates for a wide range of layouts and genres. And it functions well on iPhone and iPad. (Sorry, users of Android.)

The Best Writing Apps for iphone
The Best Writing Apps for iphone


Which smartphone app is the greatest for authors? The finest app for book authors on iOS is called Scrivener. You may already be aware of my utter devotion to Scrivener if you’ve perused a couple of my other writings. Scrivener is my top pick for writing software, and it works great on mobile devices as well.

Because Scrivener has so many useful tools and options for customization, there is a high learning curve. But if you ever need assistance, there are many of free lessons available.

Planning, drag-and-drop organization, and even word type highlighting are all made possible with Scrivener for iOS. Thus, you may search for excessive usage of adverbs. This software is nearly as powerful as its desktop counterpart, with features like word count targets, keyboard shortcuts, and corkboard organization.

(For a thorough analysis of the desktop program, see my review of Scrivener, which includes a promo code.)

After you’re done, you can always use Dropbox to sync your Scrivener work to your devices. Alternatively, you may export to HTML, PDF, DOCX, EPUB, MOBI, and even Multi-Markdown.

The only drawback is that, if you already hold a license for macOS or Windows, you will need to purchase an additional license for iOS, making the one-time fee of $19.99 for a mobile app a little pricey.

Try Novlr if you’re an Android user; it’s browser-based and works on any mobile device with an Internet connection.

Which systems is Scrivener compatible with?

  • iOS
  • Mac (updated version most recent)
  • Windows
  • (I’m sorry, Android phone and tablet owners.)

Best use for:

Writers who enjoy order, writing without interruptions, and pre-made templates will find Scrivener to be a terrific tool. Scrivener’s sidebar allows authors to add photographs, audio files, research files, and more. It’s quite handy that all of your research and documents are now in one window!

Other Excellent Apps for Writers

  • (Mac and iOS only) Ulysses
  • iA Author
  • November
  • Writer
  • bibisco
  • Hemingway

Microsoft Word is the best writing app for general writing.

Microsoft Word is the industry standard text editor for a reason: it is user-friendly and flexible. Word from Microsoft Office runs properly on iOS and Android mobile devices. You may export its elegant, well-formatted papers to a variety of file types.

While Microsoft Word works well for basic writing, I wouldn’t suggest using it to write novels. It is ideal for memoranda, email drafts, and print-ready works, but it lacks the organizational features of other top writing programs like Ulysses and Scrivener.

Furthermore, its grammar and spelling checker is not as strong as Grammarly’s or ProWritingAid’s.

Although Microsoft Word is a costly program, many people get free access to it through their jobs or educational institutions.

What platforms is Word compatible with?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

Ideal for:

For general writing, business-related documents, and print-ready formatting possibilities, Microsoft Word works well. It’s excellent for journalists, corporate America, students, and similar audiences.

Other Excellent Apps for Writing in General

  • Google Documents
  • OpenOffice
  • OpenOffice
  • Atticus

It’s Never Been Easier to Format
Easily write and format books in a professional manner. It has never been simpler to create formatted books. To witness it in action, go here.

The Best App for Free Writing: Google Docs

Which free writing app is the best? The greatest free writing software for iOS and Android is Google Docs. Google Docs is an ideal program for anyone on a tight budget; nevertheless, it is not recommended for editing, creating novels, or working without internet access.

You can alter headers, spacing, fonts, and anything else you might anticipate from a high-end word processor. Every edit you make in Google Docs is automatically saved, along with your version history. It excels at real-time collaboration, which is why ghostwriters, bloggers, and co-authors love it

Google Docs Advantages:

  • Easy to use browser-based
  • Real-time cooperation
  • Modifications that can be tracked
  • Autosave features
  • Export to various file formats

Cons of Google Docs:

  • sluggish and unreliable once you surpass a word count of 15,000–20,000.
  • Grammarly and ProWritingAid are superior than Google Docs’ proofreading tool.
  • To access, you must have a Google account and be online.

What systems are compatible with Google Docs?

Most mobile devices, including those running iOS and Android, can use Google Docs on all major platforms.

Additional Apps for Free Writing:

  • OpenOffice
  • Writer
  • Concentrated Writing
  • Reedsy Editor of Books
  • Pages on Apple
  • Microsoft Notepad

Grammarly is the Best Writing App for Emails and Short Forms

The free Grammarly browser app is a terrific way to ensure that your memos, emails, and other short-form tasks are error-free and professional.

See my complete Grammarly evaluation here:

On mobile devices, Grammarly provides a keyboard that evaluates your spelling and grammar and provides helpful recommendations to make whatever you’re typing better.

iOS Grammarly keyboard

  • Few people are aware that you may download your writing as a DOCX file using Grammarly’s browser app. If you need to attach a DOCX file to your email rather than include the content in the body, this is fantastic.
  • Additionally, you may download the Grammarly browser plugin. When you use this editing tool on Gmail, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social networking and email websites, it automatically analyzes your grammar and spelling.
  • Check out this post on MailerLite and GetResponse, two of the Best Email Services for Authors.
  • The extensive proofreading tools included in Grammarly’s free edition are far superior than the built-in grammar and spelling checkers in MacOS and Microsoft Word.
  • Grammarly’s premium edition is as amazing. It provides a ton of advice on how to enhance your conversation formatting, passive voice, writing style, and readability.

But if you’re paying for a professional proofreader, I suggest the premium edition of ProWritingAid. Additionally, the online version may export to DOCX. Watch this video to see why the ProWritingAid premium version is better than Grammarly’s.

The Grammarly browser application and browser extension enhances the professionalism and error-free quality of your emails, postings, and memos. It bolsters your self-esteem and communicates to others that you are a real person.

Which systems is Grammarly compatible with?

Grammarly is an extension and browser software that works with:
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Cut

Ideal for:

  • Email correspondence
  • Memoranda
  • entries on blogs (WordPress, etc.)
  • postings on social media
  • Other Excellent Apps for Short-Form Emails
  • ProWritingAid
  • Expand Text
  • Readable (only for Android)
  • Final Draft is the Best Writing App for Screenwriters
  • A growingly popular kind of writing other than novels and articles is screenwriting. The premium app Final
  • Draft is only available for iOS and is used for screenwriting.

Final Draft won’t be developing the Android app anytime soon since, according to their own data, less than 5% of their consumers possess Android mobile devices.

There are many fantastic features in Final Draft, including:

  • Templates with a professional framework for stage plays, movies, and television
    SmartType, which retains the names and situations of your characters.
  • PDF exporting capabilities to Dropbox, iCloud, and email
  • Script searching based on elements
  • Divided ScriptNotes by Color
  • The King’s Speech author and Academy Award winner David Seidler like being able to make changes to his manuscripts fast and while on the fly.

Which app is used by screenwriters for writing? Screenwriters compose their scripts on iOS using the Final Draft app.

You should absolutely think about downloading this app if you’re a professional screenwriter or trying to get into the industry. Although pricey, it is the norm for the sector. Final Draft is “used by 95% of film and television productions,” according to their website.

But if you don’t have an Apple product, Celtx Script is most likely your best option.

The best writing app’s final draft

What platforms is Final Draft compatible with?

  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • It is not the intention of Final Draft to build or maintain an Android app.


Although Final Draft 11’s full license costs $249.99 upfront, you can typically find offers that save you 20%.

Ideal for:

Screenplay writing works best using Final Draft, especially on mobile devices. It is the industry standard for screenwriting for a reason.

Additional Excellent Screenwriter Apps

  • Script: (for iOS or Android)
  • Storyist (available exclusively on iOS)
  • Author
  • Novlr is the Most Productive Writing App
  • Novlr is an attractive, browser-based creative writing tool that syncs to the cloud on its own. Its customisable, distraction-free Focus Mode creates the ideal atmosphere for writing effectively.

How do I just begin to write? Consider utilizing a productivity program like Novlr, Daily Prompt, or FocusWriter if you struggle to start writing.

Novlr’s characteristics

  • minimalist style
  • Monitor writing statistics
  • Inspirational objectives and encouraging remarks
  • Arrangement and functional overview
  • Writing style recommendations
  • Cooperation
  • Color selections for day and night
  • Simple exporting to a variety of file types
  • See my whole Novlr review here.

What platforms is Novlr compatible with?

Novlr is a web application that runs on all of the main browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • The website functions similarly to an application and may be saved to your phone or tablet’s home screen.

Ideal for:

Novlr works best for writing without interruptions, which promotes productivity in a variety of ways. It syncs with all of your devices and is elegant, well-organized, and slick.

Additional Useful Apps for Productivity

  • Every Day Idea
  • Concentrated Writing
  • Liberty
  • Author

(This is a humorous site.) Write or Die

Searching for the Top Writing Apps for Your Phone?

I’ll take care of you! View my selection of applications that will enhance your writing experience when you’re on the move!

Plottr is the best writing app for outlining

Plottr is an amazing desktop and mobile outlining tool with its cutting-edge dashboard capabilities. Because it’s a browser-based application, you may use it on a phone or tablet or from any location with Internet connectivity.

View my whole Plottr review here.

Check out my in-depth post on The Best Book Outlining Software.

With Plottr, you can easily create vibrant characters, arrange story elements, and construct your environment. Even pre-made templates are included.

These simple outline templates are available from Plottr:

  • The Snowflake Approach
  • The Method of Three Stories
  • The Circle of Stories
  • The Plot Structure with Seven Points
  • The Journey of the Hero
  • Plottr is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, but its mobile app is particularly user-friendly.

Which platforms are compatible with Plottr?

The app Plottr is accessible on all main platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

Ideal for:

Plottr is mostly an organizing tool, however it works best for planning novels. It may be used to arrange scripts as well as nonfiction.

Additional Useful Apps for Outlining

  • The New Factory
  • The Plot Factory
  • Squibler
  • Author
  • Word for Microsoft
  • The Ulysses

Evernote is the Best Writing App for Notes

You need look no farther than Evernote for note-taking software. With just two devices using the free edition, this award-winning software seamlessly syncs your notes to every device you have loaded on.

To be honest, I’m quite grateful for the Evernote app. I love taking notes on new ideas that come to me on my phone. But you can save more than just notes. Web clippings, videos, PDFs, photos, GIFs, and more may all be saved (with a paid upgrade, of course).

The Best Writing Apps for iphone
The Best Writing Apps for iphone

Furthermore, you may share your notes with other individuals. All you have to do is give your buddy, coauthor, or ghostwriter the necessary rights, and presto!

Evernote is always becoming better. Even while I believe Evernote’s table feature should be improved, they frequently offer free upgrades.

Top-rated writing app evernote

Which systems is Evernote compatible with?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

Ideal for:

The ideal use case for the multi-award winning Evernote app is for taking notes on a variety of devices in a variety of ways. It is really useful, adaptable, and intuitive.

Other Excellent Notes Apps

  • Thought
  • Easynote (for Android or iOS)
  • The Ulysses
  • Notes on Apple
  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft OneNote (Android or iOS)
  • simple text editors

ChatGPT is the best AI application.

Look no farther than ChatGPT/ChatGPT Plus for AI-driven chat, brainstorming, and writing support. With this software, you may use the robust features of OpenAI’s ChatGPT on any device that has it installed.

Dashboard for ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT is a great tool for writers to use on their phones for ideation, writing, and editing. However, it can do more than simply produce text. The browser tool (accessible to ChatGPT Plus customers) may be used to search the web, summarize articles, and even assist in finding fresh ideas or fact-checking content. And that’s only a portion of what ChatGPT Plus’s premium upgrade has to offer.

The Best Writing Apps for iphone
The Best Writing Apps for iphone

You may also share your talks with other people. Sending the session URL to an editor, friend, or colleague is all that is required to get things started.

What platforms is ChatGPT Plus compatible with?

  • iOS
  • Android is on the way.
  • Mac
  • Windows

Ideal for:

The most effective uses for ChatGPT Plus’s adaptable software include producing writing that seems human, helping with content creation, brainstorming, or even just having informal conversations on a variety of devices. It is a creative, intuitive tool that is quite useful for authors. laptop and mailerlite course advertisement

Having Trouble Choosing Your Keywords?

Enroll in my full-featured video course to learn how to choose the ideal categories and keywords for your book.

Enroll in the Course

  • From Text to Speech App of the Year:
  • A browser-based program called can convert up to 50,000 characters at once into MP3 files that you may download or listen to. It is easy to understand. Despite the rather dubious appearance, everything is completely legitimate and safe. The greatest free text-to-speech service is this one.
  • Harry’s British English voice is the most realistic-sounding choice. Actually, Harry speaks British English on YouTube, Twitch, and other websites. Harry’s voice sounds almost exactly like a British man, thus many people on the internet adopt British English.
  • Some text-to-speech applications are either extremely expensive or limited to a few hundred characters.
  • Check out my post on the Best Services for Authors to Transcribe Books.

I am aware of writers that use to copy and paste a chapter, listen to it, and then modify the same chapter. Hearing your own words read aloud to you is quite helpful.

Regretfully, occasionally goes down without prior notice for maintenance and upkeep. Software for text to speech

Which platforms are supported by

This browser-based program is compatible with all operating systems and browsers:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Cut

Ideal for:

The greatest website to utilize to convert written words to spoken words is You might use this for editing, experimenting, or just for fun.

The Best Writing Apps for iphone
The Best Writing Apps for iphone
  • Additional Excellent Text-to-Speech Apps
  • a Proficient Reader
  • Polly from Amazon
  • Text-to-Speech on Google
  • nuances
  • ExamineSpeaker

Which app best suits your needs?

When you write at home, you utilize the greatest equipment. To improve your crazy phone scribbles, utilize the top writing apps for mobile devices.

The days of writing things down in a notebook and then finding it difficult to interpret afterward are long gone.

Invest in your art and use the appropriate “write” instruments to save time and effort. even while you’re not use your main workstation.

I could have overlooked a couple of them. Ultimately, the realm of writing is always growing.

I apologize to Android folks; I know I’ve stated this before. Even while I recognize the advantages of using an Android device, Apple users have access to so many more excellent writing programs.


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