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Wireless Headset for Xbox

Wireless Headset for Xbox  You’d never believe the new official Xbox Wireless Headset costs just £89/$99, which is the best thing about it. The over-ear headphones from Microsoft offer the same level of premium design, effortless usability, and sound quality as headphones twice as expensive. Even if there are several shortcomings and features we hope are included in the future, given Microsoft’s aggressive pricing point, any item that is left out seems reasonable.

Create and construct

The Xbox Wireless Headset complements the company’s well-established design and looks good with the Xbox Series X, the more expensive of the company’s two current Xbox console models. Only a few bright green details, like the rings surrounding the cups and the joint power/pairing button, break up the black plastic and faux leather. The Xbox logo itself is only barely visible on the right earcup in black-on-black. I’ve never needed to be picky about the headset because it’s all reassuringly strong. The headband has a good amount of give, and since it requires two hands to adjust correctly, you won’t unintentionally tighten or loosen it.
This is due to the extremely basic controls on the headset itself. Actually, there are two buttons: one for pairing and power and another for muffling the microphone. It’s hardly the end of the world, but having another one to manage media controls when coupled with a phone or laptop would have been a nice addition, especially since gaming is the main attraction. Each cup has an exterior border that can be rotated to control the volume. One cup modifies the overall volume, while the other changes the chat/game mix. They have a nice, smooth motion, and it was a brilliant decision to turn the entire earcup into a control so you could easily adjust the mix while playing without having to search for the dial. Lastly, and possibly most significantly, the Xbox Wireless Headset is cozy. Since there is no active noise-canceling technology integrated, it must be both snug and light enough to fit comfortably on your head and provide an excellent noise seal. At least this won’t disturb you before any over-ear gaming headset with pleather bound gets hot and humid.

Wireless Headset for Xbox

Audio quality

Each earcup contains a 40mm driver that produces audio, and it’s difficult not to be impressed with the performance. The audio still has enough clarity to allow you to distinguish little details like approaching enemy footsteps. Yet, the bass response is powerful enough to give you the desired impact from explosions or your engine roaring in Forza. Given that these headphones pair easily via Bluetooth with computers or phones, the speakers are also good for listening to music. As a result, you may find yourself using these headphones for everyday use rather than just gaming. If so, you will be deprived of appropriate media controls. The primary feature that prevents this headset from competing with the best in the industry is its lack of active noise cancellation, as was already discussed; nonetheless, considering the price, this omission is reasonable. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound are supported; however, keep in mind that these two require different subscriptions. Naturally, chat audio is just as crucial as gaming audio, and Microsoft has not been disappointed in this regard either. Wireless Headset for Xbox Crisp and clear audio is produced by the headset mic thanks to voice isolation, which reduces background noise, and auto-mute, which turns off the microphone when not in use.

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Software and networking

Using Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless standard, the Xbox Wireless Headset connects to Xbox consoles in the same manner as the controllers. This provides you with a simple two-button pairing as well as a more dependable, superior audio connection. Gain-gain. It also implies that you can connect this to any Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console; however, sadly, pairings are not remembered. You will, therefore, need to manually re-connect each time if you’re fortunate enough to have more than one console to choose between. Still, not many people will be affected by it. Although Bluetooth is more common, you can pair to a PC in the same manner if you have the Xbox Wireless controller adaptor. The ability to pair an Xbox and a Bluetooth laptop or phone at the same time means you can play games, take calls or listen to music. This is a bonus. Unexpectedly, there isn’t a 3.5mm headphone jack, which restricts your options and nullifies any support—even wired support—for the Switch or PS5. A USB-C cable (not provided) can be used if your Windows 10 PC (like many desktops) does not have Bluetooth. If you wish to utilize them with a Mac, your options are restricted to Bluetooth connections. With the Xbox Accessories app, which is accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows 10, users can customize the headset to a certain extent. That does imply that, even while coupled with your phone, you are now unable to adjust any headset settings from it. Additionally, on Windows, you are limited to making changes only when connected via USB-C, not Bluetooth. You may change the amount of mic monitoring—that is, how much of your voice comes through the headset—the strength of the auto-mute feature, the brightness of the mute light on the mic, and the headset’s complete equalizer controls by using the Xbox Accessories app. Oddly, the voice-isolation algorithm has no customization at all.

Wireless Headset for Xbox

Life of the battery

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Wireless headset has a 15-hour battery life, and based on my tests, it is about right. This may be a touch low, but overall, this is relatively standard for a wireless headset, and it should be sufficient for the majority of users. About three hours are needed for a complete charge. However, thirty minutes of playback are obtained after just 30 minutes. Wireless Headset for Xbox Microsoft offers a short USB-C cable in the package for charging, but if you plan to play while charging, you’ll probably want to use a longer lead. Alternatively, you can use the same wire to connect to a PC.

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Cost and accessibility

The clincher, in this case, is the Xbox Wireless Headset, which is only £89/$99. For a wireless gaming headset with the same kind of audio and build quality, you would typically expect to pay twice that amount. Wireless Headset for Xbox Though we also believe it to be among the finest gaming headsets, regardless of price, it is affordable enough to be listed in our ranking of affordable gaming headsets. Microsoft sells it directly to customers, but Amazon also sells it. Fans in the US can look at Walmart or Best Buy for other possibilities, while fans in the UK could also check out Game, Currys, and Very. To ensure you locate the greatest deal available, we have a piece of comprehensive information on the finest Xbox Wireless Headset offers.

Wireless Headset for Xbox


For Xbox users searching for a new set of headphones, the Xbox Wireless Headset offers an enticing blend of functionality and affordability, making it a somewhat obvious choice. You lose out on RGB lighting, a custom stand, and active noise cancellation, but you would have to pay a lot more for those features than competitors. Since the 3.5mm headphone port is incompatible with the Switch and PS5, multi-platform gamers will undoubtedly be better off looking elsewhere. This is a greater and stranger omission. Nevertheless, here is the perfect place to get a well-made, cozy headset for your Xbox One or Series X|S that can also manage your PC and phone.


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