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Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises

Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises. Cybersecurity companies utilize antivirus software as a crucial tactic to safeguard small businesses, as it effectively thwarts attacks and averts billion-dollar losses. Since a large portion of data breaches results in catastrophic consequences, these companies place a high priority on including antivirus software in their all-inclusive cyber security solutions for small businesses. Anytime you send information over the Internet, there’s a chance that it could be attacked. Because the security of online transactions is necessary, small businesses are therefore keen to learn about cyber security companies that meet their needs.

US Cybersecurity Firms:

The top cyber security firms in the US are aware that there is a risk of fraud associated with any online transaction. They must make the online environment safer for small businesses due to the general perception that it is only partially safe to conduct business on the Internet. United States cyber security organizations are aware that cybercriminals are becoming more proficient and can now target thousands of small businesses at once. The best cyber security strategies for small businesses are those that recognize that many companies of this size need more time or resources to implement effective cyber security. When talking about cybersecurity companies for small businesses, it’s crucial to remember that these companies are hiring the most respected cybersecurity firms in the US to prevent viruses from spreading and to safeguard company data from theft. It is wise for small businesses to hire trustworthy cybersecurity firms in order to avoid becoming easy targets for cybercriminals. Despite handling large sums of money and having a sizable clientele, many small businesses opt to run on a limited scale. They rely on US-based cyber security companies because they understand that they stand to lose a great deal in the event of a cyberattack. They know that they must contact any of the numerous leading cybersecurity groups in the US in order to keep themselves from losing millions of dollars to cunning hackers. The purpose of the private security firms there is self-defense. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises.

Location of AlienVault: San Mateo, CA:

Established: 2007
$118.4 million was raised.
Number of Employees: 201-500

One of the greatest cyber security companies for small businesses is AlienVault, which is easy to set up and configure. That makes it one of the best cybersecurity companies in the US because correlation rules are already integrated into the software. This cloud-based security management solution does just that. Furthermore, you would be eligible to compete for the title of best cybersecurity employer if you worked for this company. Working with cyber security firms that serve small businesses will enable you to quickly install the sensors in both your on-premises and cloud environments. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises. Furthermore, you will be able to manage the centralized threat detection, security analysis, and data collection processes from the AlienVault Secure Cloud. Both dynamic and static asset lists, as well as asset administration, are beneficial functions. The platform has two other crucial features in addition to asset management: asset scanning and OTX threat intelligence. Clients of SMB cyber security companies who have utilized this all-in-one SIEM appliance have commended it for being a strong instrument with a wide range of applications.

Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises

CyberArk: Newton, Massachusetts:

Established: 1999
Raised: $570.5 million
Number of Employees: 1001-5000

Small businesses can secure both their apps and their corporate information by utilizing CyberArk in a range of environments. The businesses are able to grow as a result. For small-scale businesses, it is among the best cybersecurity solutions available. CyberArk functions efficiently in hybrid, cloud-based, and on-premises environments. Corporate businesses will be able to protect their infrastructure and still obtain the necessary access to it thanks to this cyber security. Like this one, the greatest cyber security companies for small businesses always have an easy-to-use interface that allows users to retrieve all of the crucial information about their system whenever they’d like. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises.

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Location of FireEye: Milpitas, California:

Established: 2004
$400 million in funds raised; employee number: 1001–5000

The company recently rebranded itself as FireEye Network Security from its previous name, FireEye. It’s a platform that can detect breaches in addition to providing advanced threat defense. It protects companies from potentially dangerous cyberattacks and gives them insight into the wide range of risks they face. Customer reviews demonstrate FireEye Network Security’s competitive edge: its exceptional ability to identify difficult-to-find security issues. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises. It sets an industry standard for effective defense against signature-less attacks with its special sandboxing capabilities.

Location of McAfee: San Jose, California:

Established: 1987
Total Amount Raised: N/A; Employee ID: 5001–10,000

McAfee’s mission is to safeguard people, technology, and information globally. The company is a frontrunner in the global cybersecurity space. Globally, McAfee provides complete security solutions to governments, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, and consumers. The company employs people in 175 countries and serves over 70 million customers. The company was named after the inventor of the first antivirus program to be sold commercially, John McAfee, and was founded in 1987. After going public in 1992, McAfee was eventually acquired by Intel the following decade for a whopping $7.7 billion. 2020 saw Intel split off McAfee into a separate company. A wide range of cybersecurity products and services are offered by McAfee, including firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), antivirus and anti-malware software, and identity protection. Furthermore, the organization offers an extensive selection of cloud-based security solutions. McAfee is considered a pioneer in the cybersecurity field and has received many accolades, including the title of “World’s Best Security Company” from SC Magazine in 2022. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises.

Location of Rapid 7: Boston, MA:


Established: 2000 Funds Amount raised: $89 million
Number of Employees: 1001-5000

Rapid7 provides practical insights and cyber threat solutions to protect organizations globally. This international cybersecurity firm was founded in 2000 and has its main office in Boston, Massachusetts. Vulnerability management, penetration testing, application security, threat intelligence, and incident response are just a few of the many goods and services offered by Rapid7. Businesses of all sizes use the company’s products and services, including Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and educational institutions. Rapid7 is a well-known company in the industry that offers top-notch cybersecurity solutions and is frequently named among the most esteemed cybersecurity enterprises. Renowned journals like SC Magazine, Forrester Research, and Gartner have given the company positive reviews. Companies can use a wide variety of tools for threat identification, information gathering, and response. The company’s flagship product, the Rapid7 Insight Platform, uses AI-powered tools and continuous monitoring to neutralize threats and automate processes. By gathering information from network settings, the platform improves security protocols.

Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises

Location of DarkTrace: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire:

Established: 2013 Funds Accessed: $230.5 million
Number of Employees: 1001-5000

British cybersecurity company Darktrace uses AI to recognize and stop online threats. The company was founded in 2013 by Jack O’Halloran and Matthew Ingham, with its headquarters located in Cambridge, England. Darktrace’s AI platform is called Enterprise Immune System (EIS). EIS is a self-learning system that learns how an organization’s IT systems normally operate. The relevant authorities can be notified by EIS when it detects suspicious activities. Using Darktrace’s EIS has proven beneficial for a variety of organizations, including governments, banks, and healthcare facilities. Prominent cybersecurity specialists have also commended the company for its innovative use of artificial intelligence. Businesses depend on Darktrace, a reputable artificial intelligence company in the cyber security space, for its reliable security solutions. Their proficiency goes beyond the examination of network traffic to encompass specific systems and user behaviors, rendering them a favored option for customers. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises. It can detect anomalies and take appropriate action after making a determination. Cybersecurity solutions for small businesses don’t use signatures to detect known threats. The report deconstructs the problem, outlines the findings, and offers a thorough justification for the next course of action.

Location of ForcePoint: Austin, Texas:

Founded in 1994; $18 million in funds raised; employee count: 1001–5000

It can be difficult to defend against attacks, but ForcePoint, a small business cyber security provider, recognizes the need for appropriate solutions. They provide your small business with all-inclusive cyber security solutions that identify sophisticated data threats. This solution provides cloud sandboxing, enhanced threat protection, and built-in protection for cloud apps, among other features. With Forcepoint Cloud, you can use a single SKU to provide mobile users with web security and take advantage of a range of deployment options, such as hybrid, on-premise, or SaaS deployment. This lets you offer web protection to users who are on the go. Businesses of all sizes use the products and services provided by Forcepoint, including Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. Globally, the company serves more than sixty thousand distinct companies. In 2015, Websense and Raytheon SIT merged to form the company.

KnowBe4 Address: Clearwater, Florida:

Established: 2010 Funds Amount raised: $393.4 million
Number of Employees: 1000-5000

Thousands of small businesses are served by the incredibly successful cyber security company KnowBe4. They are well-known as a reputable employer in the US and are excellent at providing multilingual support and security awareness training. In contrast to competitors, KnowBe4 helps its customers—from big companies to small enterprises—to quickly implement platforms. Take advantage of baseline testing and the largest collection of security awareness training materials as a top US cyber security company. Click here to join the ranks of globally successful organizations.

Acronis Location: Switzerland’s Schaffhausen:

Established: 2003
Money: A $250 million raise
Number of Employees: 1,001–5,000

Offering complete solutions for edge computing, disaster recovery, and data protection, Acronis is a world leader in cyber protection. Since 2003, Acronis has provided accessible, platform-neutral solutions with skills in blockchain and artificial intelligence, guaranteeing data security and recovery across the globe. In more than 150 countries worldwide, Acronis safeguards more than 5.5 million endpoints and 150,000 organizations. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the first service provider solution that integrates security, anti-malware, backup, and management features into a single product. Vulnerability assessments, patch management, URL filtering, and many more functions are among these capabilities. Service providers can now reduce the complexity of their products while also increasing the amount of recurring revenue they produce, lowering the number of customers who discontinue their service, and improving their service level agreements (SLAs).

Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises

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Location of Heimdal Threat Prevention: Copenhagen, Denmark:

Established: 2014 Funds Amount raised: $10.7 million
Worker ID: 51-200

Heimdal Threat Prevention is a cutting-edge DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS filtering solution that improves conventional detection and protection. It enhances current antivirus software by identifying both known and unknown malware. Defend against a variety of attack vectors with code autonomy using our patented DarkLayer GUARD and VectorN Detection. You’ll be able to accomplish code-autonomous protection by doing this. One lightweight agent that can be installed on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices is Heimdal Threat Prevention. The agent doesn’t significantly affect system performance and is simple to install and maintain. Numerous features make the Heimdal Threat Prevention platform an effective tool for defending enterprises against online attacks. A comprehensive endpoint security platform called Heimdal Threat Prevention can assist businesses in defending against a variety of online dangers. The platform doesn’t significantly affect system performance and is simple to install and maintain.

In summary

The need for trustworthy cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity firms grows as cyberattacks become more complex. These top ten cybersecurity companies in the US set the standard for addressing new threats to digital space, data, and intellectual property. They protect people and organizations from the damaging effects of cyberattacks by emphasizing innovation. Top Cybersecurity Firms for Small Enterprises.




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