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Top 10 Tech Events CIOs Must-attend in 2024

Top 10 Tech Events CIOs Must-attend in 2024. Technology’s influence on business is irrefutable as it continues to change the industry. Technology is at the vanguard of innovation, changing everything from consumer experiences to operational efficiency. CIOs must navigate this rapidly changing environment while overcoming significant obstacles in cybersecurity,

Top 10 Tech Events CIOs Must-attend in 2024

AI adoption, and other areas. The ten events that are scheduled for 2024 provide a safe sanctuary for CIOs to explore these important areas of technology and acquire knowledge and tactics to advance their companies in this rapidly changing technological landscape.

1. Nvidia GTC 2024 | San Jose Convention Center, March 18–21, 2024

Industry executives, developers, academics, and business strategists again have a chance to shape the future of artificial intelligence and accelerated computing with the return of the In-Person GTC Experience.

GTC caters to all technical levels and interest areas with over 600 sessions, 200+ exhibitors, and a plethora of networking activities, including a keynote address by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. Amidst the AI age, guests can expect an amazing conference whether they attend in person or digitally. Enrollment is now open.

Speakers at the Keynote:

  • NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang
  • Vice President of AI Research Joelle Pineau Meta
  • Mekena Metcalf, Research Scientist in Quantum Computing at HSBC
  • Distinguished Scientist and Senior Director of Robotic’s at Google DeepMind, Vincent Vanhoucke
  • CEO of Inflection AI, Mustafa Suleyman
  • Sanctuary AI’s CTO, Suzanne Gildert
  • Xavier Amatriain, LinkedIn’s VP of Engineering
  • Aviv Regev, Head of Genentech Focused Learning Sessions’ Research and Early Development (gRED) Add:
  • The Basics of Deep Learning
  • Developing Applications for Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing

Building Computer Vision Models From Scratch Using Synthetic Data Model Parallelism: Constructing and Implementing Vast Neural Nets

Top 10 Tech
Top 10 Tech

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The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) will provide attendees with practical, instructor-led training to refine their abilities in computers, accelerated data science, or artificial intelligence (AI), culminating in a certificate of subject-matter competence. Get more than 600 SDKs, AI models, free training, discussion boards, and tech tools to enhance your skills and speed up projects.

2. AWS Summit, Washington, DC, June 26–27, 2024

The free AWS Summit is designed exclusively for the public sector community and provides access to innovative partners, the internet, and much more.

Leveraging Cloud Technology for Mission Advancement: Discover how AWS can help public sector clients adapt to change and challenges, create creative cloud solutions, and connect with leaders in the public sector business and AWS professionals. Discover the tactics for implementing digital transformation, updating infrastructure, and promoting cultural change.

Customized Learning Experiences: You may add interactive case studies on whiteboards, peer-led debates, lecture-style presentations, and a large exhibit hall to the schedule. Take part in experiential learning led by AWS partners and professionals, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

Targeted Sessions Based on Expertise: Business or IT decision-makers may get insights from Level 100 (Foundational) and Level 200 (Intermediate) sessions. Technological leaders, data scientists, developers, system administrators, engineers, solution architects, and data scientists may explore deep tech topics with step-by-step technical demonstrations at Levels 300 (Advanced) and 400 (Expert).

Highlights of the Event:

  • More than 200 Sessions
  • Ask AWS Experts Direct Questions
  • AWS Certification & Training
  • AWS DeepRacer League Keynote with input from clients

Speakers at the Keynote: AWS Worldwide Public Sector Vice President Max Peterson will explain how clients use AWS to speed up digital transformations and accomplish important goals. The Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and other special guests will demonstrate how they use AWS for creativity, adaptability, and agility.

Helping the Public Sector: Gain knowledge from colleagues in the federal, state, and local governments, as well as the nonprofit, healthcare, and education sectors, on how to solve urgent problems with constrained funding and resources.

Ideal for People Who:

With no prior experience with AWS, but interested in cloud computing developments, I’m looking for networking opportunities and inspiration.

3. 2024 Spectrum

February 15, 2024 | Mumbai’s Sahara Star

The rebirth of Indian businesses in 2023 is reflected in Spectrum Event 2024 via the lens of digital transformation. CXOs from a variety of sectors have transformed their business models within the last five years, bringing about ground-breaking innovation and realizing major benefits. However, CIOs and business function executives face both possibilities and obstacles when implementing digital solutions. Navigating the route to success in this digital journey requires an understanding of the broad range of digitalization and how it applies to business settings.

Achieving digital success requires a thorough integration of technology across all activities, which in turn promotes fundamental transformation. Numerous advantages are guaranteed by this journey, including increased company agility, operational efficiency, and the discovery of new values for consumers, workers, functional leaders, and business stakeholders.

Emphasis Areas

  • Agility of Digital Transformation
  • Highly customized customer interactions
  • Planning Digital Investments
  • Adaptive & Generative AI for Long-Term Digitalization
  • Analytical Science and Datafication
  • Digital Governance & Trust
  • The Behavior Internet
  • Digital Situations
  • Security & Digital Immunity
  • Cohort Sessions for Super Cloud Computing Platform Engineering

At ETCIO Spectrum, curated seminars for functional executives and those in digital, IT, security, and CX will center around:

  • The development of CX: Increasing the range of in-person interactions with customers
  • Rethinking Cybersecurity & Digital Trust
  • Utilizing Generative and Adaptive AI to Scale Groundbreaking Innovation

4. ODSC East Boston Hynes Convention Center, April 23–25, 2024

Attend the Leading AI Conference to see cutting edge AI innovation. This occasion presents unmatched opportunities:

Practical Training: Improve your skills with in-depth lectures from professionals in LLMs, ML, DL, NLP, and other topics. Obtain certificates designed specifically for AI practitioners at every skill level to guarantee you remain on the leading edge of industry knowledge.

AI Exhibition and Demo Area: Interact directly with well-known AI firms and up-and-coming startups. Watch live demonstrations to help you make an informed strategic choice about whether to develop or purchase AI solutions. Keep up with the most recent developments in corporate AI and industry best practices in this ever-evolving field.

5. RSA Conference 2024 Moscone Center, San Francisco, May 6–9, 2024

Innovation and imagination are kings in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Come explore “The Art of Possible” with RSAC 2024, where teamwork will redefine what is possible. Together, let’s seize limitless possibilities, defy expectations, and explore uncharted territory.

Important Sources:

Priority 1: Health and safety: Before the conference, learn about our procedures and guidelines by visiting our Health and Safety Hub.

  • Acquire CE Credits: teamed up with a number of trade groups to make credit acquisition easier.
  • Explain Why You’re There: Get resources and guidance to help persuade your employer of the conference’s worth.

The Cybersecurity Community Comes Together: Every year, RSAC brings together experts from the field to promote networking, education, and professional growth. Get insights from participants, from novices to seasoned RSAC members, about why they joined the group.

Connect with Transformative Solutions: The goods and solutions available at RSAC 2024 are unmatched. Visit the RSAC Marketplace online or at the Expo to interact with a wide range of industry exhibitors, meet product experts, talk about problems, and see demonstrations of innovative solutions.

Discover Innovation: RSAC 2024 brings back the RSAC Launch Pad and beloved content. Take in the 19th annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox contest, visit the RSAC Early Stage Expo to learn about new businesses, interact with demos in the RSAC Sandbox, and much more. At RSAC 2024, innovation will take center stage.

6. Dublin Tech Summit | RDS, Dublin, May 29–30, 2024

Experience the height of technological innovation at the Dublin Tech Summit, which is scheduled to take place live at the RDS on May 29–30, 2024. It is the continent’s leading tech event. This must-attend event is Europe’s fastest-growing gathering of innovators, industry leaders, and digital visionaries, with the potential to influence business and technology in the future.

DTS24 unveils its first lineup of speakers:

  • Jack McCauley, co-founder of Oculus and Berkeley University’s innovator-in-residence
  • Commissioner for Data Protection in Ireland, Helen Dixon
  • Senior Director of AI and Data Science, Dr. Alessandra Sala
  • Logitech’s Chief Information Officer, Anne Carrigy
  • Christopher Muhr, a former Groupon executive and the founder and CEO of Patient21

Why Participate in DTS24?

  • Activate Your Mind: Take advantage of the best IT education in Europe, four expansive stages, specialized courses, and live podcasts.
  • Global networking: Meet a range of business executives in a bustling tech hub.
  • Learn More: Explore subjects including quantum computing, deep tech, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • DTS By Night: Take in the lively environment of Dublin, make new friends, and learn about the soul of the city while engaging in the social events of the event.

7. Black Hat Asia 2024 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, April 16–19, 2024

Black Hat Asia is a unique conference that provides the most recent information security trends, advancements, and insights. A four-day program immerses participants in cutting-edge research and vulnerability disclosures via two or four days of intense, technical, hands-on training, followed by two days of briefings.

The Structure of the Event:

  • Training (April 16–19): Black Hat’s signature exclusive technical skill-building seminars, facilitated by experts and open to both offensive and defensive hackers of all skill levels.
  • Briefings, 18–19 April: Explore the newest trends and threats in information security with the help of experts’ unique research and perspectives. Subjects covered include malware, platform security, exploit creation, and more.
  • Business Hall, 18–19 April: Make connections with information security experts and investigate a variety of security solutions and open-source technologies offered by Black Hat associates. Vendors and guests may interact globally thanks to the virtual Business Hall.

A live, in-person event in Singapore is followed by a virtual experience a week later, giving attendees access to recordings of all briefings and sponsored sessions starting on April 25. Black Hat Asia also provides a unique hybrid experience.

Ashley Shen, Anthony Cheuk Tung Lai, Lidia Giuliano, and SeungJin Lee are notable members of the Regional Review Board who will help to ensure that the event’s material is extensive and among the best in the business.

8. London Tech Week (2024) | Olympia London, June 10–14

More than 30,000 people are expected to attend the exciting five-day in-person London Tech Week, which will also include more than 300 speakers and 70 partners. This event’s goal is to bring the world’s IT community together while promoting sustainable innovation in three important areas. Attendees may look forward to productive networking sessions, interesting conversations, and cooperation with well-known IT industry experts. London Tech Week promises to be a fulfilling and significant event, regardless of whether you’re looking for insights, deep relationships, or a platform to influence the direction of technology.

9. Google Cloud Next | Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9–11, 2024

Google Cloud Next is expected to use a hybrid structure that combines virtual and in-person components. Attendee’s will get the chance to learn more about Generative AI, network with tech entrepreneurs, and gain insights from industry professionals at this conference. Anticipate a display of the newest innovations in technology and fashion, along with interactive demonstrations and insightful speeches from industry experts.

Future trends will be covered in-depth in keynote talks, which will also introduce new products and provide insightful information on AI, cloud, and collaboration. Google Cloud Next is a must-have event for your schedule if you want to remain ahead of the constantly changing world of innovation and technology.

10. METAVSUMMIT 2024 | The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) January 10–11, 2024

The biggest Web 3 gathering in the area, METAVSUMMIT, is scheduled for January 10–11, 2024, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the event, including developers, investors, and entrepreneurs, to talk about the newest developments in Web 3.0, such as blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs.

Top 10 Tech
Top 10 Tech

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Principal features of METAVSUMMIT 2024:

  • More than fifty speakers from throughout the globe
  • Over a hundred businesses displaying their most recent goods and services
  • networking possibilities for participants to meet possible investors and partners
  • a special Metaverse lounge where guests may try out the newest Metaverse innovations

Last Words

As AI, automation, and data analytics advance, organizations will see a radical change in how they operate. The relevance of cybersecurity will increase as attacks grow more complex and call for preventative measures. Technology and business will increasingly converge, and digital transformation will become essential to surviving rather than only a choice. As we go forward, these ten events in 2024 will become even more significant, providing crucial forums for IT professionals and CIOs to steer clear of these revolutionary shifts and use knowledge and tactics to successfully traverse the tech-driven future.


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