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The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024

The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024. Everyone in this fast-paced world needs to stay productive, but doing so can occasionally be challenging.  Every day, juggling so many tasks and responsibilities makes distraction inevitable. Fortunately, many helpful productivity apps on your handy iPhone can help you increase productivity. Now, let’s examine the top 15 iPhone productivity apps for 2024.


Elephas makes typing more efficient on iPhones and iPads with text shortcuts, global leaderboards, and intelligent writing modes that encourage advancement. 

On the other hand, strong security guarantees that personal notes remain private. Ultimately, Elephas increases efficiency by customizing the keyboard for professionals who require secure and customized typing.

Features of Elephas:

With up to eight writing modes—such as “Professional,” “Friendly,” “Funny,” and so on—the Elephas keyboard allows users to effortlessly customize their text tone for any situation within any application, including Google Docs, Slack, Mail, and others. 

For repeated responses, the creation of effective text expansion is made possible by custom variables. Sensitive data is protected confidential by self-destructing text history and encrypted typing. 

A helpful clipboard manager makes copying and pasting between apps more productive. Scrawled notes are intelligently converted by handwriting recognition. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

Real-time quality improvement is achieved by Smart Assistant, which offers grammar correction, spelling checks, and vocabulary suggestions while typing. By requiring fingerprint or face ID verification before granting access to the application, biometric security protects confidentiality. The global leaderboard encourages constructive competition among writers in the community.

Elephas Cost

Basic Elephas features are pre-installed for free on all iPhone and iPad models to maximize audience benefit. 

For power users who require additional customization, a premium pro subscription, which costs approximately $4.99 per month, unlocks advanced functionalities like an infinite clipboard history, writing analytics with coherence grading, custom fonts, personalized color themes, etc. 

Given the importance of individualized efficiency optimization in today’s world, serious productivity seekers who want to increase everyday effectiveness through customized and secure typing should carefully consider intelligent keyboard customization solutions like Elephas.

Elephas includes an AI writing assistant and one of the most excellent chatbot Mac apps.

Elephas is your all-inclusive package if you use a Mac or iPhone, and you can download it straight from the homepage.

 Items 3

With flexible tagging options, valuable reminders, and smooth calendar integration, Things 3 simplifies task organization. Tasks and ideas can be swiftly captured thanks to its user-friendly interface, and accessing tasks is made easier by powerful features like sorting, searching, and filtering. Things 3 prioritize critical tasks first to maximize efficiency through task scheduling.

Features of Things 3

Things 3’s readily accessible quick-entry screens facilitate rapidly capturing tasks and ideas. Typing or dictating quick ideas is easy and neatly categorized with pre-defined labels. By adding context, Things 3 reduces clarity. Reminders verify essential information, such as meeting location, contacts, and main agenda items. Automatic location triggers surface tasks related to significant areas.

Multiple viewing options are available with Things 3:

  • The dashboard summarizes the workload.
  • The “Today” section highlights tasks specific to a given time.
  • The “Upcoming” section shows the future.
  • The “Someday” section shows future, hazy plans.

Uncategorized tasks are stored in the inbox for later sorting, and previous progress is monitored in the log. Things 3 can even parse Calendar entries, seamlessly integrating appointments and events with personal tasks. With immediate results, searching across all functions is a breeze.

With automatic syncing and smooth integration with other Apple devices, thanks to ecosystem features like handoff, staying updated across devices is a breeze. Things 3 keeps track of outstanding tasks for timely completion by displaying widgets on the iPhone homepage. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

Things 3 Cost

Things 3 provides a free trial period for the initial assessment before selecting the best pricing scheme. Based on usage requirements, three pricing tiers are offered: an individual use Solo plan for iPhone and iPad costs $9.99 per year, while an upgrade for Mac apps costs $14.99 per year. Things 3 is also available as part of Setapp’s subscription service, which costs $9.99 monthly for improved collaboration. Bulk pricing is also available for teams with volume discounts.

The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024


Streaks uses science-backed psychology to create enduring habits. Streaks provides alerts and reminders to help you stay motivated as you set goals and monitor your progress with visually pleasing tracking. Streaks’s straightforward tracking approach promotes the development of beneficial habits like regular exercise, daily reading, or steadily advancing primary goals through tiny, daily steps.

Features Streaks

With streaks, objectives are shown as rounded progress bars that dynamically fill with continued effort to give visual confirmation. To avoid abandonment, reminders track failed attempts and provide feedback for long-term objectives. Using milestone tracking to monitor long-term dreams or simple habits like daily drinking water is made possible by flexible goal settings.

Streak groups connected objectives such as exercise and nutrition to achieve overall betterment. Nested goals allow even more customization by adding layers, such as learning an instrument and writing original music. Streaks encourage consistent advancement with upbeat messaging and joyous animations upon reaching objectives. Through peer viewing, social sharing enables accountability, and leaderboards foster constructive competition. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

In addition to supporting well-known wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi devices, etc., Streaks also integrates with Apple Health. Using these devices’ activity tracking capabilities, goals can be automatically leveled up, and higher targets can be set based on actual performance. Customized sentences in reminders provide personalized motivation!

Pricing Streaks

Streaks provides a free trial to test apps before deciding on an appropriate price. Access is available on infinite iOS devices with a monthly subscription starting at $3.99. Annual plans offer the same extensive access with savings of $14.99. After the first trial period, subscriptions can be canceled at any time. By default, they are automatically renewed for continuous use. Additionally, one-time purchases costing $9.99 are offered to aid in development.

 Organize 3

Sorted^3 automatically optimally schedules tasks each day by combining the creation of lists with clever algorithms. It looks at the lengths and deadlines of tasks to assign a suitable time frame for finishing them. Sorted^3 reduces the need for manual entry by automatically updating the list and rescheduling incomplete tasks for the following day. Because of its adaptability, schedules can be tailored to individual preferences and speeds.


Beyond essential to-do lists, Sorted^3 supports a variety of task-tracking methodologies. For a sorted organization, different custom tags show the people involved, the location, the priority, etc. Tasks are labeled by custom categories: calls, meetings, errands, and travel. Sorted^3 comprehends the relationships between functions; it automatically links successive steps so that completing one prompt comes first.

Sorted^3 automatically reschedules incomplete assignments for the following day, but persistent postponement sets off alerts that stop tasks from being forgotten. Depending on workload, a flexible timeline can be created, allowing you to fit 24 hours into 12 if you work late or 6 hours on days when you’re not as busy. Additionally, Sorted^3 provides iPad and Apple Watch companions, making it possible to complete tasks anywhere comfortably.

Conversational instructions replace a lot of typing when entering tasks thanks to integrations like calendar sync, Siri shortcuts, and reminders. The summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of the remaining functions and monitored behaviors for immediate progress analysis. The potential for time management improvements is highlighted by charts that show trends in task completion rates. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024

Arranged~3 Cost

For initial trials, Sorted^3 provides a free version with basic features; however, you must select an appropriate premium plan to access advanced functionalities. Access to Top Priority is available on all devices for $14.99 monthly, but an annual plan of $19.99 offers overall savings. The Apple Watch Plus integration, which provides real-time sync and support, is unlocked by premium plans. Teams can also choose bulk pricing if necessary. A one-time $5–$10 purchase grants lifetime access to a restricted set of features.

 Focus 3 OmniFocus

OmniFocus 3 is highly adaptable and designed to fit individual workflows. Robust features like searching, tagging, and filtering make it possible to organize complicated projects effectively, and Forecast summarizes task workload to help with time management. Calendar and Reminders are fully integrated with OmniFocus 3, syncing automatically across devices. Steady productivity is encouraged by reviewing daily workloads and breaking large projects into manageable pieces.

Features of OmniFocus

With OmniFocus, you can efficiently schedule and prioritize tasks using the forecast view, which summarizes upcoming workloads. Using custom perspectives, you can focus on particular task categories or periods, such as the upcoming week. 

Robust tagging and filtering features allow personalized hierarchies suited to individual workflows. While sequential projects divide big goals into manageable action steps for steady progress, linked tags automatically link related tasks. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

Cloud sync allows OmniFocus to integrate easily with Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Handoff allows devices to switch between tasks seamlessly. For even more convenience, third-party automation utilizing Markdown, iOS shortcuts, etc., is also feasible.

Pricing with OmniFocus

For initial assessment, OmniFocus provides a free trial period. Users must select an appropriate paid license based on usage requirements. There are three price tiers:

  • The pro plan ($99.99/year) adds team features.
  • The premium enterprise plan ($50/month) with priority support.
  • The basic solo plan ($9.99/month) is for individual use.


Productive provides thorough analytics along with automated time monitoring. Charts show daily activity levels and highlight time-wasting distracting apps you can limit. Productive accurately highlights periods of productivity and inefficiency by calculating workload based on the applications used. Personalized streaks and goals encourage advancement over time.

Productive features

Productive tracking passively gathers data without requiring manual labor. The daily time breakdown by the app is displayed in charts, highlighting distracting categories for self-imposed restrictions that increase productivity. Personalized objectives encourage cutting back on inefficient app use by awarding streaks for achieving daily goals.

Productive lets you adjust the tracking parameters, such as temporarily stopping tracking during off-work hours or excluding specific apps from observation. Relevance is ensured by tailoring data collection to individual preferences. Healthy competition is introduced by sharing tracked usage on motivation communities to lessen phone addiction.

Screen time information offers valid comparisons between categories of apps that are distracting and productive. Productivity hacks and guidance articles provide detailed recommendations for recognized areas of weakness. Deeper diagnostics by outside productivity specialists are also made possible by exporting analytics as PDF or spreadsheet files!

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Productive provides a free version that enables entry-level insights to boost output. A $28 monthly subscription for a premium upgrade unlocks advanced features like usage charts, data exporting, and in-depth reporting for more in-depth analytics.

In addition, team pricing is available for $24 per month (in an annual plan) and allows for centralized tracking of employees’ progress toward meeting usage targets across all company devices. Plans for a year or two allow for discounts on sizeable business-use subscription purchases. Significant discounts are offered to academic institutions and nonprofit organizations to benefit the larger community.

The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024

 Owing to

Due offers useful timers, reminders, and time tracking for hectic days. Due dates provide an extra push for an early finish, and multiple personalized reminders guarantee that essential tasks are completed on time. Task duration is tracked using manual or automatic timers, highlighting unfinished business that requires further organization. It even offers helpful advice on productivity!


By gamifying the process of growing virtual trees that represent time spent productively, Forest enhances focus. When the timer goes off, it locks the phone to prevent distraction and causes a tree to appear. Gaining trees opens up delightful surprises and inspires continued progress. The leaderboard encourages constructive competition among friends, while Forest’s zoning separates the day into sections for work and rest. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

 Bear Words

The unique features of Bear Notes are designed with note-taking in mind. Rich font, color, and layout customization are possible with elegant markup options, making for visually appealing notes. Incorporate code blocks, pictures, and to-do lists into notes for centralized information storage. Bear Notes makes exporting notes in various file formats simple, making them appropriate for official online or offline sharing.


End-to-end encryption is used by Apple Notes to provide secure note syncing across iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Shared note folders facilitate collaborative note-taking with reliable individuals. Paper receipts and records can be easily digitized by scanning documents or importing photos. With the @ symbol, you can now request contributions from coworkers by mentioning them in notes that you share with them in Apple Notes.


With DownloadMate, you can download files straight to your iPhone online for easy on-the-go access. 

Features of DownloadMate

Important characteristics consist of:

– Web browser with bookmark organization, force downloading capabilities, tabbed browsing, and mobile formatting.  

– Download Manager that prompts you to set custom save locations and has live progress bars and badges counting the number of active downloads.  

– File Manager with standard editing functions, such as creating documents, copying, deleting, and extracting zip files

– Media Viewers for standard document formats, photos, videos, and PDFs

– An audio player with controls for playing background music 

– A video player that plays common iOS file types, such as MP4.  

– Support for background downloading and listening  

– Sharing files between apps via iOS share menus after downloading

– A passcode lock option that allows for private, secure access

The leading DownloadMate utility is always free, but you can unlock premium features for completely unrestricted use for a one-time $2.99 fee. Extra subscription plans offer very little in the way of extra convenience. DownloadMate offers intuitive file management and downloading capabilities while safeguarding device storage.

DownloadMate Price

DownloadMate provides free downloads with limited functionality; however, you must select the appropriate premium upgrades to use without limitations. Monthly plans run about $5.99, but yearly packs, which grant full access rights, offer even more significant savings at $49.99. 

 Time Flow Expert

Time Flow Pro makes time tracking easier by combining data visualizations that show activity insights for increased daily efficiency with clear, automatic logging.  

Features of the Time Flow System App

Important characteristics consist of:

– Simple graphs that show time spent

– Self-awareness recognizing time wastage 

– Comprehensive analytics reports  

– Flexibility in manual editing

– Sync across devices   

– Customized labeling   

– Both light and dark themes

– Feedback on work-life balance

The Price of the Time Flow System App

Basic testing is available in the free edition with limited limits. Nevertheless, full unrestricted access is unlocked with $2.99 monthly or $9.99 annual premium plans, which offer long-term bulk purchase savings. Allow Time Flow Pro to optimize routines by helping you understand how minutes turn into days.

 Pro Voice Assistant

Features of Voice Assistant Pro 

With Voice Assistant Pro, you can efficiently operate your iPhone or iPad hands-free using only your natural voice commands. You can create text or emails, update social media posts, make calls, open apps, and automate workflows by speaking clearly.


– Speech recognition is supported in 30 languages. 

Translation of voices between languages

– Corrects speech grammar and spelling mistakes automatically

– Complex citation instructions, such as “post my message to Facebook.”

– Novel skills such as Google Search

– Integrates contacts to facilitate conversation

– Make personalized voice shortcuts that are alerted to a trigger phrase

– Accessibility modes help people with physical disabilities

– Privacy controls effectively manage permissions 

The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024

Voice Assistant Pro Cost

Unlimited commands are included in the $19.99 annual price. Pro users who subscribe receive priority support and new features when they are released with Voice Assistant Pro and experience unprecedented freedom in iPhone voice control.

 Voice of the Narrator

Narrator’s Voice transforms written or spoken text into personalized audio messages and commentary using realistic digital voices. Excellent for explainers who use voiceover narration to describe visuals or for humorous message crafts with funny voices that you can share imaginatively with friends.

Voice of the Narrator Features

Leading attributes consist of:

– Voices that sound natural 

– Special effects that change the speed or pitch

– Exports of MP3 and videos  

Both speech-to-text and text-to-speech  

– Post works straight to popular social media networks.

– Popular text and voice effects of ghosts

– Record voice acting for TikTok videos on YouTube

Play back audio messages when offline.

– Funny gag gifts featuring the voices of celebrities

Basic testing is permanently free with restrictions. To increase creative possibilities, a $4.99 monthly premium or $19.99 annual subscription unlocks unlimited generated voiceovers and premium features. Use the Narrator’s Voice to unleash your inner storyteller

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In summary:  

In the end, the large selection of compelling productivity apps makes it easier to improve everyday efficiency by matching particular needs with combinations. These digital assistants encourage consistent productivity with intelligent task scheduling, well-organized notes, and easy file management! Consider the above-mentioned viable options for smoothly reducing responsibilities. The Top 15 Productivity Apps for iPhone in 2024.

For instance, the Elephas keyboard’s extensive customization significantly increases typing efficiency in all apps. Professionals can maximize output securely with its competition, encryption, and intelligent writing modes.



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